Bowling Alley Wax

BWC Company

Made in San Jose, California

Great for: Floors, furniture, antiques, metal, leather, concrete, tile, window and drawer slides, musical instruments, industrial machinery and more

Bowling Alley Wax has been made from the same time honored recipe for over 100 years. Because of its high quality Bowling Alley Wax is the choice of Hardwood Floor Refinishes, Furniture Makers, Architects, Museum Curators and Artist nationwide.

Bowling Alley Wax is a clear paste wax. Its a blend of Carnauba and other fine waxes mixed in Turpentine and Mineral Spirits. It DOES NOT contain any Silicon or Beeswax. It Cleans and polishes to a hard finish and leaves a soft, satin luster on wood and other surfaces.

Net WT: 16oz, 1lb