Grand Street Bakery is the vintage store that feels like home. Better than a real home, even, because at this one you can walk out with what’s inside, the rugs, dressers, clothes all available to buy. There are stacks of cushy sweatshirts for sale on nearly every table, old books, blankets, vinyl spinning (Otis Redding! Bob Marley!), incense burning. Like a home, it also holds a family–mom, dad, and little boy–who own and operate the shop. Cyd and Neal (soon joined by their son Finn) opened up Grand Street five years ago in a converted bakery that had served Williamsburg for 25 years, filling it with thrifted Americana they’d find on close knit road trips in their camper van: old Levi’s 501s, suits made for surfing, hoodies worm and faded. It’s grown fuller and cozier every year, exactly as a healthy home should.

- Alex Frank