Fire Cider

Fire Cider: Based on the traditional New England cure-all of apple cider vinegar and honey, our tonic is spiced up with a synergistic blend of immune-boosting, health- enhancing, pathogen- fighting roots and fruits. Fire Cider can be taken daily as a preventive and also at the onset of colds or flu. As an expectorant it breaks up congestion and helps to ward off respiratory ailments and sinusitis. Fire Cider is also an excellent digestive aid for suck common problems as heartburn, gas and bloating as well as sliggish digestion and Candida overgrowth. Several of the ingredients support optimal cardiovascular function and are used by many to treat high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Fire Cider increases circulation and warms the body, and this is valuable in cold winter temperatures and for those who frequently experience cold extremities. Many of the ingredients in Fire Cider have anti-inflammatory properties, which prove useful in the relief of pain. And it a delicious pick me up!

Also good in Hot Toddys, Bloody Marys and Salad Dressing!

Ingredients: Apple Cider vinegar, honey, oranges, lemons, onions, horseradish root, ginger root, habanero pepper, garlic, tumeric

Made in Pittsfield, MA

8 ounces